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HR Consultant

Your one stop source for independent HR advice &

Wendy Attewell Associates offer the following services.

Independent HR Consultant

General HR advice

Company Pension Advice

Employment Law Advice and Updates

Redundancy & Restructuring Initiatives
Disciplinary & Grievance Cases
Company Handbooks
Contracts of Employment
Manage and Run In-House Training Programmes
Staff Welfare, Counselling and Coaching
TUPE Transfers
Payroll Processing
Co-ordination of Recruitment Campaigns and Assessment Centres
Advice and Guidance on Long Term Absence cases
Capability and Performance Management Issues
Employment Tribunals
Appraisal Design 

Payment for Services.
Payment as suited by the client. This can be either on a monthly retainer basis. Paid per one off project or payment on a monthly basis at an hourly rate.